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The Creator Behind Zen Lab Creations

I grew up in Southern and Central California and traveled around to a few places with the Army. Ultimately, I settled in #Texas where I have lived since 2009. Even though we will never move from Texas, I love to travel and see new places. The last place I visited was Monroe, LA and before that Louisville, KY. I also like to travel overseas as well, but those are much more costly. Our last overseas adventure was in #Japan. We would like to travel to Iceland in the next few years. My family and I talk about places to go and when the opportunity arises, we take it!

So why Zen Lab Creations? I am a science person at heart. I have two science degrees and I started my career as a #radiologictechnologist. Now I teach in the radiologic sciences. Before working and then teaching in healthcare, I wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, and an interior designer. I loved science, getting the answers, and decorating. I did become a doctor but just not the kind that helps people. LOL.

But what about interior design? I do love to #design and I have always wanted to be my own boss. Zen Lab Creations was born out of my love for designing things, my science background, and my desire to work for myself. #bemyownboss My family contributes where they can, helping me with ideas, creating in our #lab, and going to the weekend markets to show off our creations.

When I first started I read an researched about niche markets and I really tried to narrow down my target audience from everyone to a specific group of people. Finally I have narrowed down to #educators and #believers. I decided I needed to focus on a market that I am a part of. I hope to incorporate more creations for #veterans too since I have served and a sibling is currently serving. As I continue to grow my brand, I will share the journey, both the ups and the downs.

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