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Push Pins of All Kinds for Everyone

Customizable push pin sets cannot be found in any office supply store. Nor will the push pins be customized to your style and taste. You can easily customize your choice of push pins. If you are looking for the accent to set your office or room apart from anyone else, then you have found the right place. Zen Lab Creations can create the style and look that you want with any color combination. 

At Zen Lab Creations, we create colorful handcrafted push pins. We use a combination of glitter, mica powders, and paints to create these custom push pin works of art. We are in love with making our pushpins and we know you will love the finished product. Why? Because they are made to order. In color and different designs of flowers and animals. 

This company started a while back from a place of passion. We really love the idea of making cool stuff with our hands, and we came up with the idea. We also really like teaching people. We combined the two ideas and put together Zen Lab Creations.

We have cool and unique push pins for sale directly through this site. We know that for a lot of people, a custom pushpin can tell an office mate that you have style and appreciate the attention to detail.  Not sure which color to choose? Email us or chat with us anytime to create your heart's desires.

We love how cute the idea is, and we’re always thinking of new ideas. You can reach out to us for custom pieces at any time, and we’d love to help you out. This is great news for people looking for special gifts.

Check out the rest of our site. Scroll our inventory, shop at your own pace, and reach out to us for custom work. You can contact us over the phone, directly through our site, or via email. No matter what handcraft colorful pushpin you’d like, you can get it from Zen Lab Creations.

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